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What do I need to purchase a home?

  • Government issued ID x2
  • 3x post-dated cheques
  • Mortgage pre-approval

When is the first deposit required and how much is it?

Deposit schedules as follows:

  • The first deposit is required upon signing the agreement of purchase and sale.
  • The second deposit is due at firm up
  • The third deposit of is due in the form of a post dated cheque for 30 days after firm up

Attached product (Ottawa only): $10,000; $20,000; $20,000
35’/38’ Lots (Ottawa only): $10,000; $30,000; $40,000
44’/45’ Lots (Ottawa only): $10,000; $40,000; $50,000
Attached product (Kingston only): $5,000; $10,000; $20,000
38’/45’ Lots (Kingston only): $10,000; $20,000; $30,000

Can I pay my entire deposit at once?

Yes, if the entire amount is given when the first deposit is due.

Can I sign the contract virtually?

Yes, all of our paperwork is signed using Docusign, which allows customers to sign quickly, digitally and securely.

Where can I find the prices for upcoming releases?

Prices vary for each model and lot, when we have new releases all the information will be posted online at www.tamarackhomes.com or you may call and speak to one of our sales representatives and they will be able to help you. Their contact information can also be found on our website. We encourage you to signup to our mailing list for the most up to date information on new releases.

Where can I find the available lots?

Available lots can be found online at tamarackhomes.com

How to ensure a smooth home buying experience.

Spend time reviewing available lots and floor plans that interest you, and be ready to make a decision on release day. Due to demand, your first preference may not be available, please ensure to have backup lots/models ready.

Do I need a lawyer to help with the agreement of purchase and sale?

Although you do not need to retain a lawyer to help you during the purchasing process, you will need a lawyer to represent you for the closing of your house, and for any legal questions regarding your purchase.

How long is the conditional period?

Our typical conditional period is 10 days from the signing of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. This conditional period is the time to secure your mortgage/financing, consult a lawyer on any aspects of buying a new home. The conditional period is the only time that you can cancel your Agreement of Purchase and sale without financial penalties. Once you waive your conditions, the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is firm and binding.

Is the closing date secured?

As a new home builder, we do our best to sell homes with appropriate closing dates. Sometimes, there are labour or material shortages that require us to delay closing dates. Closing dates can be delayed as per the Tarion guidelines outlined in schedule D (Statement of Critical Dates) of your Agreement of Purchase and sale.

Can I make changes to the agreement after it has been signed?

Once your Agreement of Purchase and sale is signed, and firm, you can then add some options and upgrades as defined in schedule “P-1 Cut Off Dates”. This would include any structural or design options applicable to your home.

Can I withdraw from the agreement after the conditional period?

After the conditional period has expired the agreement is considered firm. At this time withdrawing from the agreement would result in Tamarack holding the deposit until the home/lot has been re-sold and closed. At that time the deposit refund would be reviewed.

Does the purchase price include taxes and any extra fees?

Yes, HST is included in your total purchase price. You can ask your sales or design agent for specifics on the calculations. Some other fees such as land transfer tax, and property tax adjustments will be made and reflected on your Statement of Adjustments at closing.

Can I opt out of the hot water agreement?

All new Tamarack Homes are equipped with a tankless hot water tank. It is standard that these are rented, on contract with the supplier. Your sales agents can inform you of which supplier will be providing your tank, and you can make arrangements to purchase the tank after closing.

Can I make changes to the exterior home plan?

We do not allow changes to the exterior of the home.

How often do you release more houses?

We are regularly releasing new houses, stay tuned to www.tamarackhomes.com where you can find all the information regarding new releases.

Where can I get updates regarding new releases?

New releases can be found online a www.tamarackhomes.com, all new releases are announced on the website and by e-mail prior to their release to allow new purchasers to plan for the release.

Can I purchase more than one lot?

Yes, of course! We offer a past purchaser incentive, that you can ask your sales agent about.