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Follow these good maintenance practices and inspect your new home on a regular basis to avoid problems.


  • Air Conditioner: Before the hot days of summer arrive, ensure air conditioner is ready for use by turning it on for a short time.
  • Air Filters: Clean or replace air filters in HRV, furnace, hoodfan (do monthly or as needed)
  • Alarms: Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working. Replace batteries in battery-powered units.
  • Dehumidifier: A properly sized dehumidifier will be essential once the summer humidity arrives. Install it in the basement to remove excess moisture. Set it to maintain a relative humidity level below 50% at all times.
  • Fireplace: If necessary, turn off pilot light for gas fireplace and clean glazing. Follow instructions in fireplace manual.
  • Hose Bibs: Know your plumbing. When the risk of freezing has passed, open the water valves for the outside hose bibs. Remember to close the bleeder nut on each valve first. Inspect the inside pipes for any signs of plumbing problems when first using the outside water.
  • Sump Pump: Ensure sump pump (if you have one) is ready to operate when needed. Make sure discharge pipe is connected and directs water away from foundation.
  • Windows: Clean windows, screens and hardware. Ensure windows operate smoothly. Reinstall screens.


  • Air Conditioner: Remove winter cover from outside air conditioning unit and clean debris from coils.
  • Eavestroughs: Clean winter debris from eavestrough. Check that eavestrough and downspout joints are secure and ensure water flows away from foundation (at least one metre).
  • Electric Plug Outlets: GFCI plugs may trip. A reset button is one outside plug will reset all outside plugs.
  • Electric Fixtures: Inspect exterior fixtures, such as lights and satellite dishes, to ensure securely anchored.
  • Grading: Clear debris from swales, drainage ditches and culverts; ensure melting snow can run off property.
  • Grass: Apply lawn seed to bare patches in late April. Apply spring fertilizer.
  • Overhead Doors: Lubricate garage overhead door track, rollers and hinges and weatherstripping. Inspect and tighten any loose bolts to ensure correct operation.
  • Plantings: Fertilize young trees and begin spring landscape maintenance. Remove protective shrouds from delicate plants and shrubs.
  • Shingles and Roofing: Check exterior surfaces of home (including roof and flashings) for items damaged or loosened by winter weather or animals; repair as needed.
  • Wall Vents: Ensure outdoor air vents (exhausts, intakes, dryer, HRV, forced air furnace) are not blocked by debris, vegetation, snow, etc.
  • Window Wells: Remove any debris from window wells.