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Contact Information
A Customer Care representative is available to assist you during regular business hours.

Regular Business Hours
Our normal hours of operation for customer care, in-home appointments and repairs, are Monday to Friday between 8AM. and 4PM

Emergency Contact
A Customer Care representative is available to assist you with emergencies, on weekends and after hours.

(613) 526-7979


Customer Care Representatives and Service Technicians are available for you during regular business hours, Monday to Friday between 8AM and 4PM by phone or email. Please allow a two day response time for non-urgent inquiries.

Phone: (613) 526-7979


cardinalcreekcustomercare@tamarackhomes.com edenwyldecustomercare@tamarackhomes.com westwoodcustomercare@tamarackhomes.com poolecreekcustomercare@tamarackhomes.com findlaycreekcustomercare@tamarackhomes.com riverviewcustomercare@tamarackhomes.com woodhavencustomercare@tamarackhomes.com westvillagecustomercare@tamarackhomes.com meadowscustomercare@tamarackhomes.com


At Tamarack, we are extremely proud of the homes we build. However, we recognize that warranty repairs will be needed after you move in. When you notice a warranty item that needs fixing, please add it to your list, and then submit your entire list to us on one of the following warranty forms when the time comes.

We encourage you to submit your warranty form to us on time, as an email attachment, or through Tarion’s website. Warranty forms received late may not be accepted. Only one 30 Day Form, and only one Year-End Form will be acted on, so please ensure that all items on your list are documented on the warranty form before submitting it. For each item, provide an accurate description of the deficiency, and the location. Do not submit warranty requests to the site construction office; they must be sent to head office.

Scheduling Warranty Service:
After receiving your Warranty Form, a CCR will contact you to schedule a minimum of two separate appointments.

1. Inspection Appointment: Repairs do not take place during this appointment. This when a Tamarack warranty inspector meets with you at your home to assess all items listed on your form. The inspector will not assess items that are not documented. The necessary repairs will happen a minimum of four weeks after the inspection. This allows enough time to issue work orders and organize the labor and materials needed for the repairs.

2. Repair Appointment(s): This is when repairs happen, using our own service technician and trade partners. We do our best to complete as many items as possible on a repair date. Warranty repairs are scheduled Monday – Friday between 8AM - 4PM.

Most often the exterior of your home (painting, landscaping, curbs, driveway, etc) will be incomplete when you take possession of your home. Depending on the season, these items may not be installed until suitable weather conditions will allow. Seasonal work generally begins in late May and carries on throughout the summer. We expect that all exterior work will be complete by late July. We always attempt to schedule this work on first-come-first-served basis, but there are occasions where an entire street will be completed beginning at one end, for the sake of efficiency and completing the entire community as quickly as possible. Please note that we do not schedule appointments for completing exterior work.

If an urgent problem arises, that was not documented on your warranty form, please contact your customer care representative.